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Nadia Léhéta passes away at 78

One of Egypt's prominent figures and the last of the "Daughters of the Nile" who led the way back in the 1950s for Egyptian women's' education and freedom has passed away late last night. Born in Port Said, her parents Ahmed Kamel Leheta and Esmat Ibrahim Leheta emphasized on providing her with a strong education resulting in an impeccable French education. Early in her life she was one of the few who led the way for Egyptian students education in France. By 1960 Mrs. Leheta played a crucial figure in the opening of the Egyptian Television by setting and presenting several programs and together with Dr. Abd El Qader Hatem. She was a strong and courageous lady who did not hesitate to assist anyone.

Mrs. Leheta was married twice, to the late Mr. Sherif Kamel the talented media professional and to the late Mr. Ahmed El Guindy the successful businessman and Head of the Egyptian Community in London. A great mother, Mr. Leheta is succeeded by Ahmed Kamel, Amina Kamel and Ibrahim El Guindy and 3 grandchildren Sherina Nabil El Sayed, Aly Nabil El Syed and Hussein Ahmed Kamel

Condolences will be given on Tuesday at Omar Makram Mosque. May she rest in peace

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