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ECO Animal Health gets Egypt approval for Aivlosin


ECO Animal Health Group announced on Monday that it has received a marketing authorisation from the Drug Authority of the Ministry of Health of Egypt, for the use of Aivlosin 625 mg/g water soluble granules in chickens laying eggs for human consumption. The AIM-traded firm said the approval would allow it to start selling Aivlosin in Egypt for the medication of drinking water for the treatment of infections caused by mycoplasma in poultry laying eggs for human consumption, with a zero day drug withdrawal period for eggs.

ECO had now begun the process of submitting the EU approved Aivlosin regulatory files for the treatment of layers in numerous other key egg producing markets, the board reported. “Egypt is the second most important egg producing country in the Middle East and is ranked just outside the global top twenty for commercial layers,” said chairman Peter Lawrence.

“This latest approval demonstrates ECO’s continued progress towards becoming a major force in the international market for veterinary pharmaceutical products for livestock.” The company described Aivlosin as a “patented antimicrobial” which is used under veterinary prescription for the treatment of a “variety of economically important” respiratory and enteric diseases in poultry and pigs.

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