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Israel...state Terrorism.. these pictures says it all!



The body of a Palestinian child shot by Israeli soldiers and left in the streets while their jeeps pass by with indifference.


Israel's booming economy puts US aid under spotlight

Syria urges UN action on jihadists

Libya arms fueling conflicts in Syria, Mali and beyond: UN experts

Iraqi al Qaeda and Syria militants announce merger

Deadly quake hits south-west Iran

Archaeologists discover 'gate to Hell' in Turkey

Baghdad’s Camp Nama: brutal prison torture during Iraq war revealed

U.N. pulls staff from Syria as violence rages

Iraq War: Should Bush, Blair be charged?

Israeli apology for flotilla deaths

Did Israeli Doctors Try to Forcibly Sterilize Ethiopian Immigrants?

John Kerry wants the Gulf to support the Syrian rebels. But which rebels? The safe ones? Or those 'terrorist' Islamists?

'Palestinian-only' buses spark outrage in Israel

Photo of Palestinian child in sniper crosshairs triggers uproar

Hezbollah 'attacked Syrian villages'

Criminal charges possible in Saudi HIV blood transfusion: former judge

Rights Group: Israel Violated Laws of War in Gaza

Qatar hands the Syrian embassy in Doha to opposition

Syria opposition 'seizes air base'

Rape preacher 'will stay in prison for a long time' after Saudi royals step in

Peace With Palestinians Impossible

Bulgaria bomb 'work of Hezbollah'

Ex-Kuwaiti MPs jailed for insulting ruler

Israel, U.S. urge EU to take action on Hezbollah over Bulgaria attack

'Political assassination' in the birthplace of the Arab Spring

CIA drone base in Saudi Arabia revealed

Syrian army launches 'all out offensive' on Damascus, all roads sealed

Iran supreme leader to US: Direct talks pointless

Khamenei: U.S. 'has gun to our head'

Tunisia's political crisis deepens

The Shadow War Between Iran and Israel: The Bulgaria Front

Iran hedges on nuclear talks with six powers or U.S.

Leftist terror group claims it is behind U.S. Embassy bomb

Yemeni capital holds its first fashion show amid tight security

Syria rebel head, Russia negotiate over crisis

Iran unveils 'stealth' fighter

Biden raises possibility of direct U.S.-Iran talks

Sources: Bomber kills 3 at US Embassy in Turkey

UN panel: Israel settlers must leave West Bank

Two guards killed in blast outside U.S. embassy in Ankara: TV

Israeli jets pound Syria-Lebanon border, halting weapons transfer

Shot in the head, hands tied behind their backs: 65 found 'executed' in Aleppo

In Libya: Why the Benghazi Investigation is Going Nowhere

Elections are free says Iran's leader

Iraqis win $5.8m from US firm in Abu Ghraib torture lawsuit

Syria rebels swap 48 hostages for 2,000 civilians

Saudi Arabia executes Sri Lankan maid

ANALYSIS: Israel avoids spat with Obama over Hagel

West Bank tent protesters evicted

Israeli newspaper writes editorial in Arabic to urge Palestinians to vote

'It's only fit for rats': Syrian refugees on brink of disaster as families flee civil war

Israeli military kills Palestinian boy

I thought we were friends

Syrians face 'staggering' crisis

Syrian forces kill 36 in bombardment east of capital: opposition

Israel Vows to Build in West Bank Site After Evicting Protesters

Netanyahu to move ahead with Jewish settlement

'Worst' smog ever hits Beijing, campaigners say

Israelis Evict Palestinians From a Site for Housing

Rebels 'take control of key north Syria airbase'

How killings could renew Kurd tension

Hamas and Fatah hold key talks

Brutal winter weather thrashes Middle East

Syrian orphan: 'Now we are alone'

'No food aid' for million Syrians

'Obama is about to show us how he will deal with Iran'

Iranians held in Syria released

Netanyahu vs. the world in election campaign

US condemns Assad 'puppets' speech

Assad denounces 'puppet' opponents

Defiant Assad Says Syria ‘Accepts Advice but Not Orders’

Assad Outlines His View of Syria Solution

Netanyahu: Israel needs fence on Syrian frontier

Marriage or rape? 90-year-old Saudi man weds 15-year old girl

Fatah celebration allowed in Gaza

Hezbollah calls for Syria settlement

Israel’s Prostitutes Finding New Lives in Fashion

Al-Jazeera buys Al Gore's Current TV

U.S. troops in Turkey to man defense

U.S. ‘alarmed’ by Assad’s firing of Iranian-made precision missiles

Palestinian unity? Fatah holds first mass Gaza rally in years

Battle for Syria airport as U.S. troops arrive in Turkey

Is al-Jazeera too soft on Qatar and its allies?

Is West turning off the tap on Syria's rebels?

The West Bank’s 2012: The Year of the Israeli Settlement

Merkel to greenlight armoured vehicle deal

Ex-Soviet Immigrants Change Israel

Israel Indicts Former Foreign Minister

Two more Syrian generals and three state journalists defect

Merkel to greenlight armoured vehicle deal

Ex-Soviet Immigrants Change Israel

Israel Indicts Former Foreign Minister

Two more Syrian generals and three state journalists defect

Obama: U.S. has good leads on who carried out Benghazi attacks

Protests in Iraq: winds of Arab Spring or dangerous sectarianism

Brahimi warns of surge in deaths in Syria

Syria unrest 'has killed 60,000'

Envoy gives dire warning over Syrian death toll

Syria troops retake Homs district

Syrian opposition: As many as 400 killed in civil war’s deadliest single day

Syria is many conflicts rolled into one. It is also at centre of two regional struggles

Russia pushes Syria to hold talks with opposition

Man shot dead as police clash with Shiites in Saudi Arabia

Russia, UN Envoy Call for Peaceful Solution in Syria

U.N. envoy, Moscow call for revival of Syria plan

Scramble for spoils of war engulfs Syria's revolution

Syria: Envoy calls on Moscow to back transitional regime

Hamas imposes media ban

Only Woman in Iran’s Cabinet Is Fired

UAE says arrests cell planning attacks

Syria military police defects to rebels

Israel: No proof chemical weapons used in Syria

Iran 'fends off new cyber attack'

When U.S. drones kill civilians, Yemen’s government tries to conceal it

Thousands of visitors fill Bethlehem for Christmas

Syrian official co-operating with US

Assad Meeting Does Nothing to Alleviate UN Envoy's Concerns

Kuwait to host Syria crisis meeting, envoy meets Assad

A word of advice about the Middle East – we’ve reached the ‘tipping point’ with cliches

At least 300 killed in regime airstrike near Syrian bakery

BAE strike £2.5bn fighter jet deal

Syria 'still using Scud missiles'

U.N. says Syrian fighting now 'overtly sectarian'

Palestinians warn: Israel ‘to be held accountable’ for settlements

Israel to build in East Jerusalem

Israel presses on with plan for 6,000 new settler homes

Iraqis, Kurds on brink of civil war over Exxon drilling in disputed areas

Assad's strategy shift keeps rebels at gates of Damascus

France in new push to oust Assad

Robert Fisk on Syria, Bashar al-Assad, and the truth about chemical weapons

Hamas chief Meshaal visits Gaza

UAE authorities 'detain blogger'

Deadly earthquake in eastern Iran

US denies loss of drone over Persian Gulf

Syria army slams Damascus suburbs, flights to resume

Syrian opposition bombed, as rebels eye peacekeepers

Palestinian dies after Israeli troops fire at Gaza border: medics

US slams Israel's decision to expand settlements

UK warns Israel against lashing out at PA after successful UN bid

Israel hits back with 3,000 new settler homes after Palestine wins U.N. vote

U.N. endorses higher status for Palestinian Authority

UN upgrades Palestinians' status

Gaza braces for invasion by Israel as death toll mounts

Israel launches 180 fresh airstrikes on Gaza

Israel: 'Iron Dome' blocks rocket fired toward Tel Aviv

Hamas targets Tel Aviv after Israel flattens buildings

Fresh fire traded in Gaza crisis

Hamas launches first rocket attack on Jerusalem - and Netanyahu warns of 'significant' consequences

A New Gaza War: Israel and Palestinian Militants Trade Fire

Rockets strike near major Israeli cities

Gaza rocket fired at Jerusalem

Rockets reach Tel Aviv, Jerusalem as Israel pounds Gaza

'Unprecedented' protests escalate in Jordan

Gaza on brink of new war after Hamas commander killed by Israel

Israeli troops poised for Gaza invasion

Israel prepared to 'expand' Gaza operation: Netanyahu

Israel airstrikes kill Hamas commander, 5 others

Israel kills head of Hamas military, opens bombing campaign on Gaza

Israel kills Hamas commander, bombs Gaza targets

Israeli Attack Against Iran Could Happen

U.S. warns Iran: Stop shipping arms to Syria

Syrian rebels struggle in Aleppo

‘Bibi and the bomb’: How Netanyahu’s U.N. sketch exploded online

Civil war? Syria's capital strangely calm

Netanyahu to U.N.: Halt Iran weapons

Syria 'moving chemical weapons'

AP NewsBreak: Man behind Muslim video changed name

British court halts extradition of Abu Hamza to the U.S.

Clinton: UN 'paralysed' on Syria

Nuclear hypocrisy in Middle East?

Turkey 'will not return Iraq VP'

Fugitive Iraqi VP denounces death sentence

How Yemen May Defeat al-Qaeda

Worried About Israel Bombing Iran Before November? You Can Relax

Arabs back Palestinian bid for U.N. non-member status, denounce Syria violence

Monastery vandalized in suspected Israel hate crime

Israeli court rules protester's bulldozer death 'accidental'

Israel court rejects civil suit over US activist death

Rachel Corrie's mother: 'I know this won't be the end'

The Syrian army would like to appear squeaky clean. It isn't

Netanyahu warns Israel will strike Lebanon if Hezbollah provokes

Syria helicopter down in Damascus

Libyan interior minister resigns

Robert Fisk: The bloody truth about Syria's uncivil war

Saudi Arabia foils terror plot, busts two cells: interior ministry

Syria accused of 'massacre' near Damascus

More than 300 bodies found in Syrian town of Darya

Turkish jets 'bomb Kurdish rebel targets in Iraq'

Muslim shrines attacked in Libya

Rebel bombs from coffee cups and fertilizer

320 found killed in Syria; rebels blame Assad

Sunni cleric shot dead in Lebanon

'Rebel army? They're a gang of foreigners'

Syria's newspapers trumpet victory but shellfire continues

3,700 dead: 'Deadliest month' in Syria

Syria’s VP appears in public, ending defection rumor

Syrian VP 'never thought of leaving homeland'

Robert Fisk: 'No power can bring down the Syrian regime'

Activists say ‘large number’ of defected Syrian officers arrive in Jordan

U.N. Secretary General Will Attend Iran Summit

U.S. still has no case against Assange

Ex-Israeli intel chief speaks out on Iran strikes

Fighting over Syria grips Lebanon

Israelis fret over 'lynching' of Palestinian

Regime 'rejects talk of Al-Assad resignation'

France gives non-lethal military aid to Syrian opposition: PM

Russia warns West against Syria intervention

Life on board a British nuclear submarine

Fears Rise That Assad Is Trying to Stoke Sectarian War in Lebanon

Iran announces upgraded missile

Robert Fisk: 'They snipe at us then run and hide in sewers'

How Saudi cash is aiding Syria rebels

US warns Syria on chemical arms

US seizes $150M in Hezbollah money laundering probe

UN Syria envoy rejects criticism

Helicopter gunship attack on Damascus after U.N. observer pullout

US lists Israeli settler attacks as terrorism



Atrocities in Iraq: 'I killed innocent people for our government'

a chilling Interview 



US slams Mid-East on rights                                         The US state department has strongly condemned Israel and the Palestinians in its annual human rights report. The report also focused criticism on North Korea, Burma and Cuba - and said expected improvements in China had failed to materialise.


USS Liberty attack tapes released                                                     WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Tapes released Tuesday by the National Security Agency shed new light on the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty that killed 34 Americans and is one of the most controversial mysteries in U.S. Navy history. Please Visit USS LIBERTY BBC DOCUMENTARY


Photo story: Israeli bulldozer driver murders American peace activist                                                                    Rachel Corrie lies on the ground fatally injured by the Israeli bulldozer, Rafah, Occupied Gaza, 16 March 2003.


U.S. woman killed by Israeli bulldozer in Gaza   
An American woman in Gaza to protest against Israeli operations was killed Sunday when she was run over by an Israeli bulldozer, witnesses and hospital officials said.






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