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Egyptian Armed Forces Captures Foreign Terrorist and Foreign Secret Agents working with SInai Daesh Terrorists

The Egyptian Armed Forces captured several foreign terrorist and foreign secret agents working with them in Sinai and following the battles that took place that dealt a heavy blow and defeat to the Sinai terrorist/Daesh.

The names and nationality have been provided by the Egyptian Armed Forces, some of which were no surprise and as follows: Ismail Aly Bal (Colonel - Turkish National Intelligence Organization and Coordinator of Battlefield Operations) - Diaa El Din Mehmet Gado (Turkish National Intelligence Organization) - Fikry Hassan Al Shakhdary, Hadida Province, Yemen' - Ayman Ahmed Al Saadi - Palestinian, living in Jordan, Hamas - Bakoush Al Hussaini Youzmi (Turkish National Intelligence Organization) - Aly Mohamed Al Shahri - Hadida Province, Yemen - Abd Allah Al Turki - (Turkish National Intelligence Organization) - Obeidah Abd Allah Al Jabouri, Hizb Allah, Lebanon, Iraqi.

Plus a number of Daesh terrorist.







This leaves no doubt of foreign involvement during the latest attacks in North Sinai. Additionally the Kornet anti tank missile that is available in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, leaves now no doubt again of the countries and terrorist groups involved fighting against Egypt.

A job well done by the Egyptian Armed forces. President El Sisi has indicated that the troops in Sinai represent just 1% of the Egyptian army, sending a clear message that Egypt is not to be messed with.

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