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2 dead, 23 injured in marathon blasts

EXPLOSIONS ROCK BOSTON - Deaths reported in twin blasts

'IRON LADY' 1925-2013

Top scientist aims to 'repair the brain'

Overfished and under-protected: Oceans on the brink of catastrophic collapse

Russia urges US and North Korea to show restraint

Landslide Buries 83 Workers in Tibet

N. Korea says it is entering 'state of war' with South

North Korea enters a ‘state of war’ with its neighboring South

France agrees to list Hezbollah as terrorist group

Wildfire threatens ecological zone in Brazil

The Return of the General: Why is Musharraf Running for Office in Pakistan?

Photographs reveal N. Korea's US attack plan

The computer that 'lives' inside the body

Kenyatta wins Kenya's presidential election

An end to elephants in Africa? Species at crisis point as ivory trade grows rapidly

Nicolas Maduro

Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez dies following battle with cancer

Pope bids cardinals farewell as departure looms

How your smartphone will get smarter

Secret war on enemy within: British terror suspects quietly stripped of citizenship… then killed by drones

Toddler infected with HIV 'functionally cured'

How safe is hot air ballooning?

Pope's resignation 'linked to Vatican gay network'

China flexes its muscle, takes control of key Pakistani port

Fat chance of slimming: dieters who eat high-fibre foods consume more calories

Calorie levels on food packaging 'wildly misleading', experts warn

Russian meteor strike 'was a US weapons test'

'I was owned by Johnson Bell'

How Samsung is biting back at Apple

A sensational breakthrough: the first bionic hand that can feel

Google set to cut funds to illegal sites

BMW recalls 1.3m cars over fault which could cause fires

Russian nuclear bombers intercepted near Guam

Shock Wave of Fireball Meteor Rattles Siberia, Injuring 1,000

'We thought war had broken out': Nearly 1,000 injured as meteor blasts over Russia

'Massive' fraud: Europe's horse meat scandal widens

How can we combat space menace?

Why Obama should look beyond U.S.

Mystery of Israel's 'Prisoner X' revealed

Deadly 'Sars-like' virus spreads between humans
for first time in Britain

First black pope? Emerging contenders include cardinals from Africa

8 cardinals seen as papal material

Text of Pope’s Resignation Announcement

Pope Benedict XVI shocks world with resignation

Frail Pope Benedict to step down

103 Said Killed in South Sudan Cattle Raid Clash

Defence firm creates social media tracking software

Wait, did Curiosity just spot a hunk of metal on Mars?

Revealed: The secret that makes flying squid faster than Usain Bolt

Tim Cook reportedly opposed lawsuits against Samsung

Five dead as British cruise ship lifeboat plunges into sea

The new story of bin Laden's death

North Korea Confirms ‘Successful’ Nuclear Test

Desperate Greeks scuffle at free food handout

Should Earth fear coming asteroid?

China navy aims military radar at Japanese ship

Timbuktu’s Ancient Libraries: Saved by Locals, Endangered by a Government

Into the Big Apple's core: New images reveal massive Grand Central-style subway station being built in New York

Obama to Visit Israel

Google boss: China is a 'global cybercrime menace'

6.9 magnitude quake strikes near Japanese island

Milan Court Convicts 3 Americans in CIA Kidnapping

China: fireworks explosion destroys motorway

It's official: Dell's going private in $24.4B deal

You can't give them away': Canada drops penny

Obama proposes short-term budget fix, GOP objects

U.S. to sue S&P over subprime ratings

Who will touch down with the best Super Bowl ad?

Hitler's rise to power remembered 80 years on

China cyber attacks on West growing

Former Navy Seal sniper Chris Kyle shot dead at Texas gun range

Twitter and Washington Post targeted by hackers

Obama takes aim at his shooting critics

US struggles to stop suicide epidemic

Employment report points to steady economic growth

US Economy Added 157,000 Jobs

British troops to join French in Mali mission

DNA map of tumours could put an end to cancer death sentences

Google Says Snooping Is Too Easy

Niger approves U.S. drones for Mali

France is 'totally bankrupt'

Police: Brazil nightclub fire kills at least 232

Internet as 'essential' as a fridge? Germany thinks so

Children working at Apple's suppliers

After Successful Missile Launch, North Korea Threatens New Nuclear Test

'197 million jobless' and figure rising

25 killed in Mexico City explosion

Argentina pulls out of Falklands talks

US GDP falls despite jobs growth

U.S. economy unexpectedly shrank in 4Q

Senate Gun Debate Moves to Judiciary Committee

How violent mentally ill can buy guns

Court declares Obama's recess appointments invalid

U.S. Bill Seeks Ban on 157 Types of Semiautomatic Guns

During confirmation hearing, Kerry embraces broad foreign role for U.S.

Jobless claims hit lowest point in five years

Clinton faces grilling over deadly Benghazi attack

Home resales fall, housing recovery still on track

3 wounded in Texas college shooting

‘Our journey is not complete’

Algeria siege ends in bloodshed

Escaped hostages tell harrowing tales of ordeal

West African Leaders to Meet to Discuss Mali Crisis

Robert Fisk: We are outraged because the hostages killed in Algeria were largely white

Burned bodies found at besieged Algeria gas plant

Cameron wants 'robust response' as 12 Britons are feared dead or missing

Algeria’s Hostage Crisis: What Was Behind a Shadowy Militant Leader’s Plot?

Armstrong: This was 'one big lie'

Horse meat found in Tesco burgers

Former Costa Concordia captain: 'I regret nothing'

Speech Calls for Progress on Equality in Face of Divisions

Gun control, terrorism and gay rights: Obama sets out agenda for second term

'Horrific' shooting leaves 5 dead

U.S. gives tribute to memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Canada prints 'wrong' maple leaf on bank notes

ANALYSIS: Why France is taking on Mali extremists

America: Saudi Arabia of tomorrow?

Is your landlord after your electronics?

Insight: U.S. government investment gives flu vaccines a shot in the arm

Thirty U.S. states report high flu levels

US officials: 1 American dead, 2 escape in Algeria crisis

U.S. experts probe Boeing 787 in Japan; focus on battery

926 and counting... US gun death toll SINCE Sandy Hook

Obama asks Americans to take on gun lobby

Oregon sheriff: 'Unconstitutional' gun laws won't be enforced

Retail sales point to firmer consumer spending

Algeria grants airspace to French jets for raids in Mali

Parisians march AGAINST gay marriage

Russians rally to renew U.S. adoptions

U.S. warplanes involved in failed Somali mission to rescue a spy

Mali rebels advance towards capital

Mali Islamists strike back, promise France long war

Mali insurgents defiant as France steps up fight

Cubans Make Travel Plans Amid New Rules

Obama refuses to negotiate over raising debt ceiling

Barack Obama admits he might fail to outlaw assault weapons

Hagel ‘superbly qualified’ for defense, Colin Powell says

How the NRA evolved into a mighty gun lobby

Internet activist Aaron Swartz dead at 26

Flu hits epidemic level: CDC

French Forces Drive Out Militants in Northern Mali Town

'Intense fighting': French forces attack Mali Islamists

French spy hostage killed in Somalia rescue mission

Bomb kills 14 Pakistani soldiers, injures 25: officials

The Obama-Karzai Meeting: But Who Really Gets to Decide Afghanistan’s Future

String of bombings kill 101, injure 200 in Pakistan

French hostage and soldiers killed in special forces raid in Somalia

France believes hostage killed during rescue bid in Somalia

U.S. military will hasten Afghan departure

Sales of Guns Soar in U.S. as Nation Weighs Tougher Limits

Biden readies gun violence proposals for Obama

Amid public rage, AIG opts out of U.S. government lawsuit

Whither FBI HQ? Maryland, Virginia, or DC?

Hagel to rein in Israel on Iran strike: commentators

A dream that could become reality: no more child soldiers…

Nuclear-armed rivals trade barbs following clashes

New anti-Muslim ‘Quran quote’ ads go up in NYC subways

Is 60 the new 40?

Family of 12 elephants slain by poachers

Tunisian judge frees suspect in Benghazi attack

Monster of the deep: Giant squid captured on film for the first time

India accuses Pakistan of killing soldiers in Kashmir

Bank of America settles case for $11.6 billion

Is there anybody out there? Hunting for the planets that could harbour life

Cameron: Britain would fight another war to keep the Falkland Islands

Can leading by fear take you to the top?

Japan bluefin tuna sells for record $1.76 million

Return of the Zapatistas: Are Mexico’s Rebels Still Relevant?

Vice President Vows Swift Action on Guns

Chavez inauguration delay upheld

Tens of thousands of elephants likely killed in 2011

Scientists urge new resource, disaster planning

Pythons are squeezing the life out of the Everglades

Brazil's 'Green City' a model for Amazon

750 orangutans killed in one year, survey finds

Endangered Species: Egypt's Barbary sheep

Endangered Species: Egypt's gazelles

Nokia CEO says "watch out" to Android phone makers

Experts: Seas heading for mass extinctions

Oceans on brink of catastrophe

Ferry crashes into Manhattan pier

Possible 5th Killing by Mexico Dog Pack

2012 warmest year ever for U.S.

Hagel pick sets in motion a highly unusual brawl

Small business morale heals, but labor market view downbeat

'Wake-up call': Chicago set to break snowless record

Obama faces battle over proposed defense chief

Counterterror Adviser to Be Named Chief of C.I.A.

Why Has Moscow Passed a Bill to Ban U.S. Adoption of Russian Orphans?

Never again? Ireland changes abortion law after death of Savita Halappanavar

Apocalypse mania grips Russia

Never mind the hijab, what about the ban on the cross?

The snoop state's still alive and well

Hugo Chavez ally to head National Assembly

Canadian First Nations target transport links in protest at poor living conditions

Hagel expected to be nominated as defense secretary

Four dead in hostage-taking in Aurora, Colorado

Former C.I.A. Officer Faces Prison for Leak to News Media

Sarkozy DID take $50m of Gaddafi's cash, fixer tells French judge

More Facebook Changes, Aimed at Users on the Go

Senior Taliban commander killed in drone strike: Officials

Drug-resistant malaria threatens global 'nightmare'

To Save Wildlife, Kenyans Take Up Arms

Mental torture: the hidden side of abuse

Pakistan militants kill 40 in execution, attack on Shiites

Canadian First Nations target transport links in protest at poor living conditions

Hagel expected to be nominated as defense secretary

Four dead in hostage-taking in Aurora, Colorado

Former C.I.A. Officer Faces Prison for Leak to News Media

Sarkozy DID take $50m of Gaddafi's cash, fixer tells French judge

More Facebook Changes, Aimed at Users on the Go

Senior Taliban commander killed in drone strike: Officials

Drug-resistant malaria threatens global 'nightmare'

To Save Wildlife, Kenyans Take Up Arms

Mental torture: the hidden side of abuse

Pakistan militants kill 40 in execution, attack on Shiites

Saudi Air Force sergeant accused of Vegas child rape

Venezuela in key political vote amid Chavez health concerns

Vittorio Missoni: Fashion executive on small plane missing in Venezuela

The CIA’s secret security force emerges from the shadows

Young woman gang-raped in India dies

Close call for surfer as sharks force Australians out of the water

Apple drops patent claim against Galaxy S3 Mini

Hugo Chavez battling respiratory failure

NYC subway bomb plot suspect extradited to US

Geithner's departure to put Obama in tough spot

Gore Went to Bat for Al Jazeera Network, and for Himself

Republicans start new Congress bruised, divided

Clinton released from hospital after treatment for blood clot near her brain

CIA links to "Zero Dark Thirty" examined

Obama Hails 'Cliff' Deal, Warns of Next Fiscal Fight

Bigger showdowns loom after "fiscal cliff" deal

Immigration rules eased for 1 million illegals

Fiscal deal stalls as clock ticks to deadline

America’s Deceptive 2012 Fiscal Cliff

China launches longest bullet train

'Brighter than a full moon': The biggest star of 2013... could be a comet

Russia parliament passes anti-US adoption bill

West Antarctica warming faster than thought

Barack Obama optimistic over last-ditch 'fiscal cliff' deal

Senate leaders to make last-ditch "fiscal cliff" effort

U.S. foreign surveillance law passes

Reid issues "cliff" warning, Obama lands outside D.C.

Mexico Urges US Court to Block Part of Arizona Law

Officials: Landmine Kills 10 Girls in E. Afghanistan

Deep freeze across Russia dips to 50 below, dozens die

President Obama Named Time's 'Person Of The Year'

Instagram claims user photo rights

When does a post become a crime?

Large, powerful winter storm heads east; at least 6 dead

Northeast US Braces for Blizzard Conditions

U.S. retailers scramble after lackluster holiday sales

Fathers disappear from households across America

Netflix outage mars Christmas Eve

Tea Party Seen as Weakened Force in G.O.P.

Firemen shot, killed in ambush at blaze

Obama to nominate John Kerry for secretary of state

Secret to why the French live longer

Israeli Embassy Deletes "Christmas Thoughts" from Facebook

'Useless, useless, useless': Palestinian verdict on Blair

Asteroid impact plan needed

HSBC hit with record fine in money laundering case

Google sheltered almost $10bn in Bermuda last year

Google's popular GMail service suffers disruption

How to prepare for the end of the world: Fit a smoke alarm, leave extra time for journeys, and give your pets a cuddle...

Hillary Clinton faints, suffers a concussion

Woman Tasered for refusing to leave Apple store and buying 'too many' iPhones

Susan Rice drops out of running for secretary of state

UK braced for freezing temperatures

Silvio Berlusconi announces return

Venezuela's Chavez suffers complications after surgery

Masked Person Opens Fire in Oregon Mall: Live Affiliate Coverage

New York state's top court rules gang activity is not terrorism

Why the woman who tracked down Bin Laden was denied promotion by her CIA bosses

U.S. Study Sees China as No. 1 Economy by 2030

EU Receives 2012 Nobel Peace Prize

Death toll from Philippines typhoon tops 500

Special Report: Jane's Jihad: confessions, jail and unwavering faith

Stunning satellite images of Earth at night

Homeless and helpless: The Rohingya Muslims of Rakhine state

Exclusive: HSBC might pay $1.8 billion money laundering fine - sources

The final frontier: Voyager 1 reaches the edge of the solar system

Brazilian court bans anti-Islam film from YouTube

Arctic sea ice reaches new low, shattering record set just 3 weeks ago

Groundbreaking study links Monsanto genetically modified corn to organ failure

Anti-American fury over film spreads, hits Australia

Google rejects White House request to pull Mohammad film clip

U.S. military chief asks pastor, Terry Jones, to reject inflammatory film

Behind the anti-Muhammad movie – a new pastor Terry Jones?

Barcelona Warns Madrid: Pay Up, or Catalonia Leaves Spain

7-year-old survivor of Alps slayings speaks to police

Samsung sells 20 million Galaxy S3s, adds new colors

Why 2013 will be a year of food crisis

How a supervolcano can threaten Earth

Scientists debunk 'junk DNA' theory to reveal vast majority of human genes perform a vital function

Arctic ice cap shrinks to smallest area ever

Hollande asks Syrian rebels to govern

U.S. troops punished over Koran burning, urination video

17 beheaded after 'music party' in Afghanistan

Samsung shares tumble on ruling

Apple's big win over Samsung -- what does it mean?

Samsung to fight $1B court decision

Jury finds Samsung infringed; awards Apple $1.05B

Exclusive: Apple-Samsung juror speaks out

Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon, dies

Romney Adopts Harder Message for Last Stretch

Isaac follows track of Katrina as thousands flee

Empire State shooting: Police shot victims

Empire State shooting footage released

Texas man David Lee Wiggins released from life sentence after being wrongly convicted of rape

Isaac drenches Haiti, aims for Cuba

24 killed in blast at giant oil refinery in Venezuela

Empire State Building gun battle leaves 2 dead

South Africa in Israel label spat

Real-life hover bike brings Star Wars tech one step closer

Ecuador stands firm over Assange

Norway killer Breivik declared sane, jailed for 21 years

Spying on Muslims led to no leads or terror cases: NYPD

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi dead at 57

16-year-old with cancer completes ‘bucket list’ of dreams

Photos of naked Prince Harry surface in Las Vegas

U.S. says surprised by Navy SEAL's book on bin Laden raid

US deaths in Afghanistan hit 2,000 in 'forgotten' war

End of migrants' journey? 96 bodies found in Mexico

In July, Romney raises $24M more than Obama with help of super PACs

U.S. Companies Worry About Russia in W.T.O.

USDA Eyes Whether Tainted Beef Entered Food Supply

Akin won't quit Missouri Senate race over rape comments

Romney calls for Akin to drop out of Senate race

Mali: 5 million face starvation

Apple becomes most valuable company of all time

Obama better for world economy: poll

U.S. Reliance on Oil From Saudi Arabia Is Growing Again

Assange berates United States from Ecuador embassy balcony

Mars can wait. Oceans can't

32 killed as helicopter crashes into Sudan mountain

Mom Raising Money to See Daughter's Killer Executed

Republicans urge Akin to quit after rape remark

Dallas Attacks West Nile Virus by Land, Air

New Tech May Make Batteries Obsolete




U.S. to Host Conference on USS Liberty                                                                         WASHINGTON - The State Department will cast a spotlight next week on the 1967 Israeli attack on the U.S. spy ship Liberty where 34 American servicemen were killed.


We Salute a few honorable men                                                              There still remains a few honorable men, those who stand for principals and for themselves. In 1967 Israel attacked the USS Liberty killing 34 Americans and seriously injuring 170 more. This could not have been a mistake since the attack was not just a sole incident but a coordinated attack by the Israeli Air force and Navy.


LBJ ordered ship cover-up: Lawyer                                          WASHINGTON—A former navy attorney who helped lead the military investigation of the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty that killed 34 sailors says former president Lyndon Johnson and his defence secretary, Robert McNamara, ordered that the inquiry conclude the incident was an accident.


New charges vs. Israel in '67 ship attack                                     WASHINGTON, Oct. 22 (UPI) -- A private commission investigating the 1967 attack on the U.S. spy ship USS Liberty on Wednesday released the sworn testimony of one naval investigator that the Israelis knew the ship was American and intended to "murder its entire crew."


Ship Attack: President ‘Ordered Accident Verdict’                                         A former US Navy lawyer who helped lead the military investigation of the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty that killed 34 servicemen says former president Lyndon Johnson and his defence secretary, Robert McNamara, ordered that the inquiry conclude that it was an accident.


Cover-Up Alleged in Probe of USS Liberty               Former Judge Advocate General of the Navy, Rear Admiral Merlin Staring, right, looks on as former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Thomas Moorer, left, speaks to reporters during a press conference on Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2003 in Washington. Staring and Moore are part of an independent commission of inquiry into the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, that claims to have found proof of a cover up by the government. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

  4 radical Jewish websites on US terrorism blacklist                    WASHINGTON - The United States has for the first time extended its terrorism blacklist to the internet, designating four websites affiliated with an extremist Jewish group as terrorist organizations, State Department officials said Friday.
  American couple does not accept Israeli explanations of daughter's death                                                                               Parents of an American activist killed earlier this year in Gaza by an Israeli army bulldozer called Monday for an independent U.S. investigation of her death.
  ''The USS Liberty: still covered up after 35 years''                                     June 8 marked 35 years since Israel attacked the USS Liberty without warning in international waters, killing 34 Americans and wounding 172 more.
  U.S.S. Liberty Survivors make a Memorial                                           Veterans and survivors of the U.S.S. Liberty gathered Saturday to remember their own. The bombing of the U.S.S. Liberty during the Six Day War killed 34 Sailors and Marines. In June of 1967, Veterans say Israeli aircraft and motor boats bombed the ship in an effort to sink it, blame the Arab States, and draw the U.S. into war.
  ''The USS Liberty: still covered up after 35 years''                                     June 8 marked 35 years since Israel attacked the USS Liberty without warning in international waters, killing 34 Americans and wounding 172 more.



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