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Egyptian Bread - 'Eeish baladi' - Egyptial Local Bread  (2nd Option)

This bread is round, 15-20 cms in diameter and 1-2 cms thick, and is backed with whole wheat.
There are two types of 'Eesh baladi' - Egyptial Local Bread:
machine-made and hand-made.

Hand-made bread is enriched with a thin layer of bran sprinkled on the lower layer.

The loaves are sold individually and come in different textures: soft, dry, and very dry. The bread is used to scoop up various kinds of food. Very dry bread can be softened by wetting it under running water then passing it over a naked flame.

A Recipe for Egyptian Bread

Make the dough and bake the bread in one to two hours.


1) 1 3/4 cups whole wheat flour.
2) 7 oz. water.
3) 1/2 tsp. salt.
4) 1/4 oz. Dry Yeast.

Bake Procedures

1) Put flour and salt in an oversized bowl.
2) Mix Dry Yeast with the water.
3) Slowly add water.
4) Take turns kneading the dough.
5) Spread flour on a clean, flat surface.
6) Roll dough into small balls.
7) Form balls into flat round shapes or triangles.
8) Cover with a cloth for one to two hours only.

In one to two hours:
Bake bread on a greased sheet for 30 minutes at 350 Degree heat.

Egyptian Pita Bread

Is there some sort of flour (whole wheat, white, mixtures of both, or barley) for Egyptian Pita Bread?

In Egypt, there are three kinds of "Pita Bread":
1) Eeish Shamy "White Pita Bread":
The flour is a mix of wheat flour only. Aash Shamy "White Pita Bread" is the same as the American Pita bread.

2) Eeish Balady "Dark Egyptian Bread":
The flour is a mix of wheat flour and the wheat flour skin.

3) Eeish Makamar "Dark Crisp Egyptian Pita Bread":
The flour is a mix of wheat flour and the wheat flour skin. It is the same as the "Aash Balady" except it is baked longer, until it become "Crisp Egyptian bread". It is used to make "Fatta".


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