is Closing - تم أغلاق الموقع

Sadly is closing today. was born in 2000 and with the promise of providing independent, honest and real time news. We have kept our identity in a “low profile” and through 18 years, we delivered honest independent news.

In May 2017 was blocked by the Egyptian Government. At first there was confusion as no one understood what was happening. 10 months later we are still blocked.

Naturally we did send a lawyer to see why this blocking happened and how to sort this issue. He was advised again and again that after investigations they found nothing wrong with the site. However, till today the site has not been unblocked.

For the record, we are closing the site not because it was blocked, but because we see it as an insult and a defamation of character that has been placed in a list with terrorist websites and websites against Egypt.

This is very demeaning for us since we consider ourselves patriotic to Egypt.

In fact, we have and will continue to be strong supporters of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, the Egyptian Armed Forces and Egyptian Police. We are also an anti-Muslim Brotherhood, anti Islamist and anti-extremism website. We challenge anyone who can prove otherwise.

Yet we got blocked, which at times made us wonder if the authority that blocks websites has been infiltrated by Islamists who block Pro-Egypt, Pro-Sisi,  Pro-Egyptian Armed Forces, Pro-Egyptian Police websites as well?

Last but not least, we thank each and every visitor to our site throughout the last 18 years. Without you we could’ve never stayed online for so long. Once again “Thank You”.

Good Bye