The 23 July Revolution remains one of the most important milestones of pride in Egypt's history: Sisi

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi said in a televised address to the nation on Thursday that "as the years and days pass carrying memories the occasion of the 23 July Revolution remains one of the most important milestones of pride in the country's history." The president's address comes on the 68th anniversary of the 1952 revolution which secured the country's independence from British occupation and instituted wide social and economic reforms.

El-Sisi praised "the symbols of the revolution the late President Mohamed Naguib and its leader the late President Gamal Abdel-Nasser."

"Our celebration of the great July Revolution is not only because of its role in changing the reality in Egypt but it is also because of its lightning role in our African continent and the Arab region, heralding a new historical era in which the peoples enjoy their gains, and their decision stems from their pure national will," he noted.

The African and Arab liberation movements, accordingly, were launched, guided by the achievements of the Egyptian revolution, the president added.

"Time has validated the nobility of the goals of the 23 July Revolution," he said.

Egypt is moving forward with implementing a comprehensive strategic vision to build an advanced, strong state in all fields through establishing major national projects in all parts of the country, El-Sisi added.

The current generations are facing challenges Egypt has never seen before, the president said.

"What is going on around us is extremely dangerous and requires of all Egyptians to act as one man."

"The threats to our national security make us more eager to develop the comprehensive and impactful capability to preserve the rights and gains of Egyptians, and make our national unity an inevitable matter."

Egypt's ingrained doctrine is built both on respect for the other and to exert all possible efforts to prevent conflicts, but at the same time it is capable, when needed, of taking the necessary measures to safeguard its historical rights and gains," he stressed.

We have to trust our capabilities to overcome crises in a manner that preserves Egypt's security and guarantees to Egyptians their right to live in a stable homeland, the president added. 

El-Sisi said he is confident of the Egyptians' ability to achieve "the desired objectives and reach the desired position to secure Egypt's present and future to be as great and glorious as its past.